White Paper: New DxMap feature visualizes student diagnostic pathways

Unparalleled focus on clinical reasoning skills

vCases are Virtual Medical Cases that:

Improve clinical reasoning skills for students

Assess student diagnostic skills for faculty

Satisfy LCME standards for institutions

A Unique Combination of Features

vCases® Believes: Virtual patient simulations should feel real, be enjoyable, and simultaneously teach pathophysiology and diagnostic medicine.

vCases provides a unique online approach using Virtual Simulated Cases with an unmatched focus on improving student clinical reasoning skills. With vCases, students use past learning with self-directed discoveries to make all decisions throughout realistic virtual case workups. These include identifying relevant items in the medical record, selecting important symptoms, signs, and tests, and narrowing the differential diagnosis. To facilitate comparisons, the DxLibrary® is updated on the fly to incorporate patient findings for each symptom, sign and test investigated. Final selections and decisions are compared with expert opinion in a comprehensive, personalized Epilogue.


Created by physicians. Used with love and excitement by medical students.