Workups and Realism

Used anywhere with WiFi, vCases virtual patient workups are unmatched in realism: artist-created patients, text, and behavior. vCases patients closely resemble real patients.

Users examine an electronic health record (EHR), identify related items, and think of possible diagnoses. After greeting and learning more about why the patient came in, users work through the history and physical elements to narrow interim diagnostic considerations, run confirmatory tests, and reach a final diagnosis.

The integrated DxLibrary® provides explanatory background for all relevant diseases, symptoms, signs, and tests. It is similar to but more focused than consulting a computer or book.

vCases closely mimics real patient workups to determine a diagnosis. vCases does not interrupt with questions or provide guidance other than to ask for differential diagnosis thinking.  At any time the user can re-explore the EHR, history, physical, or tests.  In gaining diagnostic skills, vCases personalized feedback can be better than working with real patients.

“I like that vCases gave me a low-stress situation in which I could practice my clinical reasoning and search for information on disease processes.”
“I really liked the realistic findings and lab results”
“I loved the detail and the depth! So realistic!”
“I thought it was a great interactive tool to test clinical reasoning in a non-stressful situation”
“I liked how it was set up as if we were seeing a real patient, the simulation was very realistic.
Family Medicine:“I liked the complexity of the case, i.e. the richness of clinical information and the “real life” nature of the patient. I really liked the Physical Diagnosis section with the specific testing and pos and neg findings, as these reinforce the physical findings.