vCases® Believes: When working up a case, it is important to have concise and relevant information readily available.

The DxLibrary is the unique heart of vCases. Every user needs help at some time. Medical resources exist online, but the DxLibrary is immediate, focused, and relevant. Click on the “?” beside a symptom, sign, or test. Instantly learn about it in a brief overview paragraph. Want clinical reasoning help? Scroll down and learn about pathophysiology or look up references. Click again and return to the case: self-directed, fast and helpful.

Want diagnostic help about a disease? Click DxLibrary and use type-ahead search to show the disease. Each begins with key diagnostic Elements then a paragraph on the diagnosis. Optionally, read about risk factors, symptoms, signs, tests, pathophysiology, and its differential diagnosis, or explore the references. AND, the DxLibrary auto-supplements its symptoms, signs, and tests with each new finding in red text. This allows comparison of discovered findings with disease descriptions.


For a more complete description see here.