Realistic Patients

vCases® Believes: A virtually simulated case needs rich patient details to provide a compelling impression of realism.

Examining virtually simulated realistic patients in vCases feels like working up real patients. Facial elements, body positions, and superficial clues revealed by unique medical artist drawings provide exceptional realism. Students say each case makes them feel “like being a doctor”. Many rework cases; one did so 11 times!

vCases begin with a review of the patient’s past medical record. Relying on their clinical reasoning, users click all items they decide might account for the patient’s problem. They can return anytime to refresh their memory or revise prior decisions. Since all decisions are recorded, vCases creates a personalized Epilogue for each case that provides feedback about what the user did in comparison with the case author. This makes vCases a powerful medical case simulator that can also assess diagnostic performance.


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