M2: “It was awesome to have definitions of symptoms, tests, and diseases all in one place.”


MD: “The library function is really great; it lets you read about differential diagnoses based on symptoms.”


M2: “I like that you had the option to do different tests and questions to narrow down diagnoses.”


MD: “I liked the narrowing of diagnoses as you go along, encouraging wider consideration.”


M1: “I thought it was a great interactive tool to test clinical reasoning in a non-stressful situation.”


MD: “The USMLE wasn’t this comprehensive. I really liked the interface – easy to use and very responsive.


M1: “I like that vCases was low-stress; I could practice clinical reasoning and search for disease processes.”

MD: “The ‘game’ has potential to be a great teaching tool. I really loved the idea and its potential. Most liability issues come from “premature” closure and [this] can help teach how to avoid these traps."


M2: “It was nice to have interactive simulation that withheld answers until I was ready to see them.”


M1: “It explained everything at the end. I also really liked the feedback, where it told you what you should have been looking for and which tests were expensive and unnecessary.”