vCases® Believes:  Medical school administrators will value learning tools that help meet LCME requirements.

Designed to meet many LCME requirements, reduce faculty load, and improve diagnostic reasoning, vCases are realistic, virtual case workup experiences. Usable anywhere with WiFi, students use self-directed learning to make their own decisions and learn clinical reasoning. Recording of each selection allows an Epilogue to teach and faculty to identify student problems. Students can access the DxLibrary® for immediate help or browse other online databases. vCases can be used during all years of medical school. Students love them.

vCases may be purchased directly by students, a library, or a school. First month free.

*2016-17 Standards. Functions and Structure of a Medical School. Standards for Accreditation of Medical Education Programs Leading to the MD Degree.

More details about how vCases addresses LCME Standards


Aquire self-assessment of learning needs.


Demonstrate critical judgment skills


Gain lifelong learning skills

Recognize & Interpret

Recognize and interpret symptoms and signs of disease

Across Locations

Use equivalent methods of assessment across locations


Self-direct learning experiences


Develop and narrow differential diagnoses

Info Processing

Identify and analyze relevant information independently


Solve problems of health and disease


Complete required clinical experiences