vCases® Believes: Faculty will value student self-directed, experiential learning approaches that improve student motivation and learning while making effective use of faculty time.

vCases are unmatched realistic and virtual case workups. Used anywhere with WiFi, students make all decisions. This reveals their clinical reasoning. As needed, they access an integrated DxLibrary® for immediate help or browse other online databases. Recording of decisions allows an Epilogue to teach and affirm self-directed learning, and provide faculty with data needed to assess, identify, and rectify learning problems. Students love and can use vCases all years of medical school.

Assessing Reasoned Choices and Interpretations

vCases can provide faculty members with detailed insights into their students’ diagnostic skills and approaches. This makes it easy to determine if a given student is struggling with how to best approach patient workups. Is the student skimming through history taking and the physical exam to jump right into testing? Or perhaps a student is going overboard on the history questions, delving far into questions unlikely to yield diagnostically important findings? Because vCases is singularly driven to develop clinical reasoning skills, these types of insights are built in and ready to help you assess and work with your students as they learn to become skilled diagnosticians.