vCases® Believes: Students develop their problem-solving skills best when self-discovering answers in realistic situations.

Excellence in any skill is acquired through practice. vCases is a virtual case workup program created and refined over 10 years.  Students learn diagnostic clinical reasoning through self-direction while working up realistic virtual patients. The supporting DxLibrary®, a source of immediate information, helps by continually updating with each newly discovered case finding. After narrowing to the final diagnosis, an Epilogue provides personalized feedback comparing user with case author decisions. Use at home, with a friend, or in a class: anywhere with available WiFi. vCases meets student needs during all years of medical school.


M1: “I really enjoyed it — it let me practice a “patient case” with the ability to look things up as I went.”

M2: “I absolutely loved vCases. I enjoyed thinking through the diagnosis and the instant feedback the system provided.”

Emphasis on Diagnosis
Incorporates Pathophysiology
Patient findings displayed
Consistently Organized
Deep, referenced content
Student excitement

Use vCases Anywhere